Our patients talk about their processes.

Dakoda McCulloug

My experience at Wiseman Natural Health exceded my expectations.

I walked in to a pleasant environment, and was immediately greeted by Dr. Wismann himself. Bringing me back, he asked personal questions in order to figure out a treatment plan specified to treat my problem areas. His expertise in Chinese medicine, specifically the practice of acupuncture, was more than impressive. He made me feel confident in how he was going to treat me. After my acupuncture treatment, I was pleasantly surprised with an amazing deep tissue massage focused to my problem areas that wrapped my whole treatment together. Dr. Wismann has helped improve the aches and pains in my back, and overall gave me a great experience using holistic medicine.

Carolyn Vaclavik

I had suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for years.

For a few years, I had a routine of a chiropractic treatment one week and a therapeutic massage the next. That gave me some relief, but no real resolution. Besides being costly, it took up a lot of my time and I felt like I was on a treadmill going nowhere.

When Nic Wismann started doing Acupunture along with some massage for me, my symptoms dramatically improved. Besides the effects of Acupunture, I felt Nic’s version of post-Acupuncture massage was more effective than any I had experienced before.

Then, probably due to my hiking routine of 15 miles per week, my lower back started to bother me; a continuous nagging pain. Again, Nic was able to provide serious improvement for me after only a few treatments. Every few months (probably when I overtax my body or bang it up a bit), a few visits to Nic can make me comfortable again.

Why spend time suffering when treatments exist that provide relief without drugs?

Edina Kutor

Go see Nic! What do you have to lose besides crippling pain and some unnecessary weight? You’ll be glad you did.

You know when you “sleep wrong” and you get a pinch in your neck that makes it difficult to turn your head while driving the next day? Well, that happened to me but it didn’t go away. After a few weeks (yes WEEKS) and several chiropractic visits the pain had gotten much worse and it started to radiate down my arm and into my hand. I kept thinking it would go away on its own. Finally, when I could barely lift my arm without shaking, I decided to seek a different level of help. I am not one to take medication beyond the occasional ibuprofen so I didn’t want to go to a traditional medical doctor only to have pain pills prescribed to me.

I was referred to Nic Wismann at Wiseman Natural Health by a good and trusted friend. From the very first appointment my pain and range of motion improved so much that it felt like actual magic! Nic used a combination of Acupuncture, electrical stimulation and massage to unlock my neck and shoulder. I was able to lift my arm without difficulty and trembling immediately after my first treatment! The relief was truly AMAZING. I know it isn’t magic though – all the credit belongs to Nic! He is a kind and vastly knowledgeable practitioner! He knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. I continued to see him for that issue which was gone in just a few visits! He doesn’t only treat aches and pains, though. My visits evolved to address other concerns such as mood improvement and how to get back to a healthy weight. In addition to acupuncture treatment that was different than the pain-centered one specifically – he compounded herbal formulas for me in both powdered and tincture form to aid with weight loss. The atmosphere in his office is calming and serene which helps the overall health benefit you receive from the treatments. I leave the office feeling centered, happy, energized and most importantly: WELL – each time.

His scope of practice is varied and covers a broad spectrum of health challenges! I can not say enough great things about Nic and Wiseman Natural Health. I feel 100% confident that anyone I’ve referred to him would feel the same and be treated with utmost care and excellence.

Go see Nic! What do you have to lose besides crippling pain and some unnecessary weight? You’ll be glad you did.

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