Expanding Our Specialties to Hormonal Health

Right now, Wiseman Natural Health is expanding our specialties to include treatment of Hormonal Imbalances. As a demonstration of this commitment Nicholas Wismann is now certified by the Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine(FABORM). We are doing this because the vast majority of the patients we treat for chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, digestive complaints, migraines and more also have hormonal imbalances. In many of these people the hormonal imbalance is the root cause of the main issue, however, even in those where it is not the cause, hormones inevitably become imbalanced because of the main condition. Statistics vary widely, but some estimates are that 80% of people will deal with a hormonal imbalance at some point in their life. One reason statistics are so variable is many people don’t even know they have a hormonal imbalance unless they see a doctor who specifically measures it. Our experience shows this to be very true, and to put it simply, since nearly everyone we see is dealing with some sort of hormonal imbalance we endeavor to have the best tools and treatment options available to help you.

What are hormones and the Endocrine system?

Many people think of reproductive hormones like Testosterone and Estrogen when they think of hormones, but the body produces many different hormones. The broadest definition of a hormone is any chemical in the body that is internally produced and released. The tissues and organs that do this make up the Endocrine System and are not only responsible for the better known reproductive functions, but also metabolism, the sleep-wake cycle, growth and development, the stress response and more. In other words, every system in your body is directly affected by hormones.

Who Should Seek Treatment for their Hormones?
There are many different systems that can be affected by hormonal imbalances. The following list represents only a few of the areas that may be affected. Overall, if you are experiencing any of the following changes or symptoms, it may be wise to seek help from a specialist in hormonal treatment:

  • Gynecological Problems
    • cramping, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, PMS, acne
  • Metabolic Symptoms
    • lower energy, slower metabolism, difficulty losing weight
  • Mental/Emotional Symptoms
    • increased mood swings and emotions, anxiety, depression, difficulty dealing with stress
  • Reproductive Issues
    • Infertility, erectile dysfunction, low libido
  • Growth and Development Issues
    • Hair loss, bone density loss, skin and nail changes

How Can Wiseman Natural Health Help You?
Natural medicine has been successfully treating hormonal imbalances for millennia. More than any other system, the endocrine system relies on consistent, simple, repeatable healthy cycles. While standard western medicine is great at giving you a chemical/pharmaceutical medication to stimulate, or suppress a hormone, it can offer very little to treat the root cause of the imbalance. The entire principle of natural medicine, however, works on restoring the natural rhythms and cycles that should be occurring in your endocrine glands. By using treatments that simultaneously affect all the multiple tissues and glands of your hormonal system we re-establish balance throughout your body and correct the hormonal imbalance at the root. In fact, modern scientific research is now showing the biochemical reasons underlying the success of this ancient wisdom.

How Can I get Started in Fixing My Hormonal Imbalance?
The best place to start is to seek a qualified health professional in your area. Searching for advice on the internet will give you some good tips, but everyone is different, and the advice may not apply to your specific situation. It might even make it worse! Anything that you can’t incorporate into your life on a consistent, repeatable basis is unlikely to give you lasting results. If you are in the Denver metro area contact us for a FREE consultation and we’ll work with you to develop a detailed treatment plan. Click here to schedule today!