Eliminate Allergies with NAET

How many of you out there suffer from Allergies? How many of you are tired of continual allergy shots and allergy medication?

Currently the CDC reports 6.7 million people suffered from hayfever, 8.3 million from respiratory allergies, 4.1 million from food allergies and 9.5 million from skin allergies last year. The odds of a child who is born to 1 parent with allergies also suffering from allergies are 33%, and for children born with both parents suffering from allergies the odds are 70% the child will as well. Clearly, allergies affect most of us in the US and the problem is not going away anytime soon. However, there is good news out there for allergy sufferers. A revolutionary technique called NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)© can completely eliminate your allergies. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, and just like me, you probably are very skeptical of any treatment that claims it can eliminate your allergies, but the truth is it works.

NAET© was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad after her experience in curing her own allergies. She, like many of you has suffered from allergies her entire life. Hers were so severe she was not able to eat anything other than white rice and broccoli and wear any clothes other than silk. One day though, after a particularly bad reaction to carrots she gave herself a treatment with acupuncture and fell asleep. When she woke, she felt surprisingly better. She bravely decided to eat the carrot again and amazingly had no reaction. As it turns out when she did the treatment on herself and fell asleep she still had the carrot in her hand. From that point on she looked into this concept more and more, and through her combined disciplines of chiropractics, western medicine and acupuncture she developed NAET©. Today there are practitioners of NAET© throughout the world treating not only allergies, but many different intractable diseases that are now known to have an allergic root.

The concept of NAET© stems from the idea in Chinese Medicine that energy travels through all things in the universe. For one reason or another, the energy of your body can become incompatible with that of any other thing in the world. Then, when your body comes in contact with the dissonant energy of the allergic object the energy of your body begins to flow abnormally. As stated in the basic principles of Chinese Medicine, each energetic pathway is connected with specific organs and tissues in your body so when the energy in a particular channel is flowing abnormally it will then begin to negatively affect the corresponding organ and tissue. Therefore, in order to treat the allergy we need to harmonize the energy of your body with that of the object you are allergic to. For example, if you are playing piano or guitar and one string is out of tune, but all the rest are in tune, every time you try and play a chord using that string it will sound horrible. The chord will be dissonant and the notes don’t resonate together in the way they should. In order to fix the disharmonious chord you must adjust the particular string so it is in tune with the rest of the instrument again. The same is true with your body. When we are doing an NAET© treatment we are performing the treatment in the presence of the allergen, and by using various pressure points and acupuncture points throughout your body it will bring the affected energy channel and the energy of the offending object back “in tune” with the rest of your body. Perhaps the most remarkable results of this is not just the reduction in your symptoms, but with continual treatment it is possible to visually see on any lab test the allergic markers being reduced.

If you are interested in eliminating you allergies or if you have symptoms that have been unsuccessfully treated come in today and explore the possibilities of NAET©. For more information on this treatment visit www.naet.com and click on the link for patients.

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